How to create a brand?

In a limited sense, a brand is a distinctive sign that identifies the products or services of the company. Creating his own brand and depositing his brand consists of a national intellectual property institute.

However, in the general sense that is happening, what we say about creating a brand relates to the creation of a business. However, getting into a business doesn’t necessarily mean creating its own brand. These are two distinct things.

Indeed, the social name of a company is not enough to make it a target. This registration with INPI allows you to distribute the property of the brand to a natural person or company.

What are the necessary steps to follow before launching a brand? 

4 Marketing and Legal Steps

  • Name Creation
  • Visual identity creation
  • Deposit and life into the brand

1. Preliminary reflection

Keeses-Key: To investigate the objectives, the targets, the potential visibility of the project in order to validate the need for creating a new brand

Delimitations of the project: Validate the outline of the project with respect to the human and financial resources available. The strategic reflection is committed to the desiirability of the future brand and the definition of sectoral and geographical perimeters

Reflections on the identity of Mark: Define the brand’s platform, that is to equip yourself with its DNA and its difference (mission, targets, promise, values, etc.)


2. creating a name

Shortcut (Specifications): The name can be developed internally (brainstorming, call to conference, etc.) or through the agency. In any case, there is a need to define the work (evocation, language, brand architecture, etc.).

Name Selection: The selection is routed to the account system to a “Short List” of any relevant names to the final decision after legal checks

Legal checks: Verify that the name is to establish a valid mark (legal, distinctive and available). Think about relevant to relevant domain name(s)

3. the creation of a visual identity

Shortcut (Specifications): Visual Identity (logo and Graphic Charter) can be developed internally or through the agency. Get the name that is essentially access.

The choice of visual identity outside of the purely aesthetic form of the visual identity chosen consistent with defined strategy

Legal checks: such as assignment of copyright to visual identity. Check and set (name/visual identity) to specify a valid mark

4. Deposit and Life Of Brand

Deposit formalities such as Mark Deposit with relevant Industrial domain services based on defined geographical perimeter (Inpi in France; Euaipo in the European Union, etc)

Deployment Mark’s: Once the formalities are done, the opportunity to start communicating with the brand and “make it live!

Watch and defense of the brand: trust is not the limit in itself. An ative approach to monitoring and clearing a brand must be implemented in order to ensure sustainability

This document takes up the Genesis of your entrepreneurial project, as well as all the details of your project:

The proposed products or services:

  • Target clientele;
  • the analysis of competition;
  • costs;
  • conditioned prices;
  • the distribution method;
  • communication strategy.

The business plan also includes some financial statements.


Why create a brand ?

Creating a brand allows both to be able to claim intellectual property, but also to enjoy the marketing benefits it offers.

Having its own brand makes it possible to claim intellectual property

The main interest of depositing its brand from inpi is to be able to claim ownership.

This means that you are the only person who can use, sell and create products or services bearing this attribute. You have Monopoly on the right to sign.

From then on, anyone who uses your brand without consent may be exposed to your party.

But this Monopoly applies only to class classes chosen with the filing mark.

Create A Brand Name: Marketing Assets

Brand intellectual property that allows you to create and store a brand;

  • Fifferentiate from competition;
  • Make its products and services easily recognizable;
  • Make an impression;
  • Become a reference in your market;
  • Customize your products and services.

This is Worthwhine you want to create a cosmetic brand, create a luxury brand or create your brand online..

Is the creation of a brand mandatory?

There is no obligation to create a trademark in order to use it, as long as it is not already registered by another person, natural or legal.

How to find a brand name?

You either already have a brand name idea, or you are still in full search.

In this case, you can do a brainstorming or using an online name generator.

To help you, you can start by positioning and offering your services. Also think about what your target clientele loves.

I pronounce a general name mark to be easy to remember.

Further, the law has certain restrictions on brand name selection. Rather, it should not describe the product or service, it must not introduce the consumer to the error in the origin, nature or characteristics of the product. In addition, the brand name should not be satisfied with being exaggerated as “super” or “extraordinary“.


Good to know: racist and/or violation of brand names in the public order and good behavior are simply prohibited.


A strong brand is essential for any company in today’s competitive world.

Without a good brand image, you can’t connect to your customers on an emotional level. This means that any customer will give your business as soon as it finds another e-commerce store with which it will be able to stay in Resonance.

The construction of your brand identity gives your customers something that they don’t really identify with. This encourages people to back, distinguishes you from customers and sometimes transforms customers into dedicated brand defenders.

Never underestimate the importance of creating a brand.

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